Support Josh's rebuild after horrific accident at Snetterton

This Track Day Biker Was Knocked Unconscious At Over 140mph

After a 'careless' biker's shoddy handiwork ends up with some of his bodywork detaching at high speed, it strikes another rider on the head and sends the unconscious victim into a huge crash

This biker enjoying a track day is lucky to be alive after bodywork detached from the bike in front and knocked him unconscious – at over 140mph.

The impact amazingly left professional racer Josh Boyd slumped in the seat of his BMW S1000RR, which coasted off the track and hit the barrier. Thankfully, the rider was ultimately not hurt too badly, reporting bad bruising and a black eye.

The racer was apparently getting some practice at Norfolk’s Snetterton circuit in Norfolk, when he was struck by a loose belly pan that fell off the bike ahead of him. You can see at that sort of speed, it’s a wonder the plastic assembly didn’t take him clean off the bike (or his head off his shoulders). The impact happens just off-camera, but the moment the bodywork breaks free and Boyd’s subsequent crash is all captured.

His Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship team, Jones Dorling Racing, were clearly not impressed with the other rider’s inability to properly attach – or check – the belly pan. On social media the team wrote:

“Not what we wanted to be sharing with you all after yesterday but Josh puts this precisely as it is. An accident that could’ve been prevented through proper procedure and proper checks!!! Thankfully Josh is ok and will be back racing ASAP.”

Boyd himself added a justifiable rant of his own:

“Clearly we live in a world where people cannot be left to make their own decisions and must have their hand held through life.”

“It’s sickening to think that track day organisers are all quick to prevent you from joining the circuit if your noise level is 1db above the set limit but will not check to see if the machines themselves are fit for purpose. This incident was caused by carelessness from the owner of the yellow ZX10R. Properly fastened and secured bodywork doesn’t ‘fall off.’

“CT scan at the hospital confirmed I do have a brain so nothing of immediate concern. Not much that i can do to speed up recovery apart from eat and sleep.”

Get well soon, Josh!

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